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RSS Trailer Repair and Fleet Management is a privately owned and operated company that initially began in 1994 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company started and is still run by its current owner, Russ Spranger. The business began servicing local companies, and eventually evolved into fleet maintenance and yard driver services across the country.  The first geographic expansion occurred in 2003 with fleet services extending to Kentucky, Ohio, and then Wisconsin.  We have since broadened our mobile operations to 15 states with multiple locations extending from California to New York.  


RSS began with a single employee and grew to a team of over 350 to date.  We are large enough to provide service in many locations, but still small enough to maintain an intimate level of customer relationships.  Our vision is to continue to grow our company by adding additional maintenance locations to better meet our current and future customer needs without compromising the quality service we provide. Maintaining the ABSOLUTE BEST customer-driven services is our top priority.  


With sustainability and growth over the past 30 years comes knowledge and experience that is built on customer satisfaction and the hard work of everyone here at RSS.  With company progress and success comes job security and continued development and career opportunities for RSS team members.  That means you get QUALIFIED PEOPLE THAT KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. We truly believe success is defined by customer satisfaction, and that accomplishment cannot be achieved without a team of talented and dedicated employees. 

Contact us to speak with one of our expert technicians, or click below to request a quote today.

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